HORSE MOUNTAIN INSTITUTE (HMI) is a non-profit public charity, 501(c)(3).  Our mission is to “…engage in educational activities which promote holistic perspectives in health and healing of body, mind, spirit and society. Our goal is to help people come to new paradigms of awareness, understanding and personal and social possibilities which can lead to enlightened action.” [adapted from Articles of Organization, HMI, Article IIa ]

HMI produces, publishes and distributes visual, audio and other media both electronically and in material form for the above-mentioned educational purposes; HMI also supports and encourages the creation of such productions by others. [adapted from Article IIb]

HORSE MOUNTAIN STUDIO, a production arm of HMI, produces films and other media that are committed to healing and the human spirit from a holistic perspective. Since 1996, HMS and founder Dr. Jim Lemkin have produced communications that help identify and uproot obstacles to our authentic human needs and potential.

The goal of our production efforts is to reach and engage the widest possible audience. One of our most recent films on the subject of healing and conscious dying, Walking at the Edge, was aired nationally on PBS. We produced and disseminated Nonviolent Communication as a Way to Peace, an audio CD,without charge to thousands of persons and groups nationally and internationally. It introduces ways for humans in conflict to communicate effectively —ensuring that all parties are able to find their authentic needs and feelings and be heard. 

BEYONDBELIEFFILM.ORG, an internet arm of HMI is now under reconstruction.  We are gathering content for an open internet/social and production hub.  We are seeking to post filmed and other stories about one’s own beliefs —those that heal and those that harm.  It asks, “Can individuals and communities with conflicting beliefs find meaningful common ground beyond the realm of harming beliefs and belief systems?” This site encourages open-minded inquiry into the consequences of unexamined beliefs.  The aim of this site is to deconstruct, examine and transcend harmful beliefs.

Financial support helps further our work to remove obstacles that cause human suffering at all levels. Our goal is to elevate awareness of holistic thinking and to advance fresh and positive ways of creating a healthier world.

You can help HMI with your creative contributions, suggestions, visions, and much needed tax-deductible 501(c)3 donations. 100% of HMI activities and projects are created and administered passionately on a volunteer basis. 

Horse Mountain Institute, Inc.
Jim Lemkin, ND,
Director and Creative Co-conspirator

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