BEYOND BELIEF is a compassionate and hopeful film journey that asks, "Can individuals and communities with opposing beliefs find meaningful common ground?"

BEYOND BELIEF explores the origins and nature of our beliefs and the consequences that result from them. This film seeks to open up dialogue on the roles beliefs play and to provide healing for those separated by beliefs.

Beliefs give our lives meaning. But sometimes clinging to unexamined beliefs can blind us to the humanity of others and even lead to violence. For centuries we have been harming and killing each other in the name of our beliefs.

BEYOND BELIEF asks whether "beliefs at all cost" will ever help us fulfill our deepest human needs. And if not, what will?

BEYOND BELIEF investigates real-life stories of people who dared to confront their beliefs and discovered new worlds.

BEYOND BELIEF also listens to the diverse views of Christian, Jewish, Muslim, and Hindu theologians and fundamentalists, a Buddhist monk, U.S. and foreign political leaders, an international conflict mediator, military officers, a Native American elder, people on the street, a Palestinian, a Zionist, an American businessman, a gay activist, a Nobel Peace Prize winner, etc.

  • Do people with opposing beliefs actually share similar needs of the body, mind and spirit?
  • Must everyone believe as I believe?
  • Can I hold on to my beliefs and still be tolerant of "infidels and non-believers?"
  • Do I cling to certain beliefs as survival strategies or to maintain an acceptable level of comfort or control?
  • Is fighting for certain beliefs more important than getting what I really need to be happy?
  • What if "they" just don't want to change or engage in dialog?

This film does not propose particular solutions but challenges commonly held beliefs. It is intended for a general audience. Its aim is to engage thoughtful teens and adults from all belief systems.

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