This website and the feature-length documentary Beyond Belief are devoted to people telling stories that connect us —human to human, heart to heart— beyond our differences of beliefs. 


A SHIFT IN OUR CREATIVE JOURNEY! website is radically expanding its mission and scope. What started as a documentary film project about the consequences of unexamined beliefs has expanded to also include an on-line hub of rich and compelling human STORIES. This site will show that through the heart we connect, through conflicting beliefs we divide.

We are collecting and posting stories of discovery and opening; moving stories of people and communities who surrendered their harmful or unquestioned beliefs to find liberating new realizations of what life could hold.  …“Ordinary” people with stories of extraordinary inner journeys…

We are building a feature film mainly from your stories and the wisdom of elders from many traditions.



We welcome intense true or imagined stories that are clear, against-the-grain, improbable, heartbreaking and heart opening.  Stories which are dramatic, compelling accounts of a person, people or community who transcended their conflicting or fixed beliefs and found freedom or love or joyful connections  —a larger view of what life could be. 

The more the story touches the heart the better.  We love stories that bring us to tears and show us new possibilities.  Emotional punch matters...

While we prefer short and concise stories (1 to 10 minutes long), longer presentations will be welcomed— if highly compelling.

We especially love film (or video) stories, but also those that are spoken, written, danced, enacted or told with puppets or in any other form.  However you tell your story, if it is compelling we will post them here or link to them.



•  Your stories —either in documentary or simple narrative forms  (If video, it can be as easy as just sitting in front of a camera and speaking from your heart.)
•  Stories you have seen or heard (that you can locate for us…)
•  Storytellers’ performances
•  Stories from young people and old people
•  Stories you have never told before …or those you love telling
•  Stories from within spiritual, folk or any other tradition
•  Your friends’ and relatives’ stories
•  Documentaries or animations or dramatic narratives
•  True or imagined stories
•  Written, spoken, danced, animated
•  Any form of expression that can be viewed online…

  We also welcome stories of those who made extraordinary efforts to transcend their harmful beliefs but didn’t succeed in the way they anticipated…

Curious about what makes for a really compelling story? 


Do you have a story for us? (Most people do…) Are there people waiting for you to share your story..? EMAIL:


Learn more about the evolution of this project: A Message from Director Jim Lemkin 

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