On the day the Twin Towers came down, I asked myself, “What are the causes behind the causes of this catastrophe?”  Clearly it wasn’t about airplanes and buildings. It was about the world’s worst Weapon of Mass Destruction: unquestioned and unexamined beliefs and their harmful consequences.  

I started work on a film to find out what beliefs actually are, when they are helpful or harmful, and at what moments it’s best to just get beyond them.  I found that when we repeat any thought long enough we tend to make it our belief.  And when we act out of those thoughts and beliefs…well, all heaven or all hell can break loose.

I knew that some beliefs can cause buildings and nations to fall and can create inner and outer suffering for others and ourselves. I also know that some beliefs can absolutely lead to healing. Was there a more wholesome view of life beyond limited beliefs and belief systems? I wanted to find out what’s real and alive for us humans when we (and I, for sure) loosen our white-knuckle clinging to beliefs…!

For almost two years I filmed well-known experts talking thoughtfully on the subject of suffering caused by unquestioned beliefs.  I collected dozens of interviews. They all had insightful things to say.


But then it dawned on me: When we experience a great STORY we feel a change within ourselves. When we resonate with a story, we get involved with it and it lives deeply within us.  We are moved, and moved to act.

So I began to look for highly compelling stories that show, for whatever reasons, investing in certain beliefs doesn’t get us what we need to be happy.  …And transcending them, we can find a new, better life.

A couple of years ago, an amazingly human story found me. It was begging for a documentary to be made of it. I carefully researched it and made connections with most of the people in the story. But there was just one problem:  A major Hollywood studio owns the rights to the telling of this story.  I have been energetically trying to get them to release the rights for almost two years —without luck.


…And then it dawned on me (again):  The world is filled with true, ultra-compelling heartbreaking and heart-opening stories!  So many people have lived these stories — just ask for them!

You are invited to help make this website a hub of stories that are tools for an evolving social consciousness.  Post your story and tell your friends to post theirs.  Show the world real-life examples of ordinary folks like us who could move past destructive beliefs. We will post your stories at BeyondBeliefFilm.org or we will link to them with attribution and a short description.

Our project is now two-fold. 1) A first-class website on transcending beliefs and, 2) construction of a feature-length film incorporating some of the best stories and people of wisdom on our website.

Stories are powerful tools for healing.  Questions?  Email us at: director@BeyondBeliefFilm.org 

Will your story be included? 


Jim Lemkin


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